How to fight loneliness? Just smile all the time…

I love this more than I probably should.

This is about where I’m at today.

My fucking JAM

EAT ME, DRINK ME - this is only a game! This is only a game. I was invited to a beheading today. I thought I was a butterfly next to your flame. A rush of panic and the lock has been raped…

I’m just a painting that’s still wet; if you touch me, I’ll be smeared and you’ll be stained…stained for the rest of your life. So turn around, walk away, before you confuse the way we abuse each other. You’re not afraid of getting hurt and I’m not afraid of how much I hurt you. I’m well aware I’m a danger to myself - are you aware I’m a danger to others?! There’s a crack in my soul, you thought it was a smile. Whatever doesn’t kill you…it’s gonna leave a scar.

This is exactly what I needed this morning ^_^

This song makes me want to do dirty, disgusting things.

I’ll kill myself to keep myself from you…I’ll kill you to keep you for myself…

Manson is giving me so many feels this afternoon

This song