I can’t breathe - save me. Sow the seed - praise me. I never had faith in you. I’ll never have faith in you. I’ll never have faith in you - I’LL RESURRECT MYSELF.

This is one of the best fucking covers I have ever heard. and no, not just because The Spice girls are being covered >.>

And that Summer changed us - it’s best I admit that to myself. Stuck trapped in memories - the tragic tale of you and me. Can’t get back to the way we were…nothing else mattered, it was us against the world! Can’t get back to the way we were! Nothing else mattered, it was us against the world. It was us against the world - always us against the world! Now, it’s just me.

Breathe, trust, bless me, and release. Climb hard or never be seen. Closed off - rescure to breathe. Just bless me…two sided time. Your rebirth can’t hurt - branch out behind the pain. Closure has come to me and myself…you will never belong to me.

My life, lately.

This means nothing to me - this means nothing, so spare me the lies. I deny you sympathy just as I have been denied. I cannot breathe…I can’t deny that I’ve been faking for you every sign of life.

I need this old train to break down. Oh, please, just let me please breakdown.

But you don’t know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night, scared of the thought of kissing razors. This blood evacuation is telling me to cave in, stay away, away. Just stay away, away from my friends.

You said I’d only have to wait until I die but that’s no time. How did we come to thinking this was funny? There is no such thing as time inside this moment, no fun rising - wait until I fly! - new horizons, new horizons.

Obsessed with this song.

I’m tired of waiting for permission to love. Heartbreak is your game but I’m learning that. My heart can be yours…won’t you make it yours? I’m already falling, I couldn’t help it. I didn’t think of the risks. I got a problem, problem when I look in your eyes - you’re mine and you know it. And I still do it even if we’re cursed. Won’t you be my rubble? It’s okay with me if it hurts…

So, baby, stay away from my friends ‘cause I need them to carry me when it’s over.

I was painfully true, you were pretending. You told me this was Heaven, then you ascended. I gave you life, now pray for death - breathed into, you stole my breath. You told me right from the start, we started ending. I believed in you. True love won’t be remembered. My regret will last forever because I thought you’d never…

Favorite song of all time, hands down