Change your heart…look around you. Change your heart…it will astound you. But I need your lovin’ like the sunshine. Well…everybody’s gotta learn sometime…

What once was so free of doubt now’s just hard to figure out. Only time will tell, this can’t be explained. Sometimes I wait for you…do I wait in vain?

I can do what stab wounds never do! I can peel the skin back just for you! Beautiful you - perfect, pretty, gutless, and cute. I’m a lonely victim…

She says, “Oh, Ladd - how long can this last?” As long as it takes to get that attention, so safe at last. I wish you were here to hold me and scream, “Damn it, Ladd, I need you back!” Emily rolls over in bed and says, “You don’t want that. So, here’s my advice to you: this should’ve turned out different, but it didn’t - so, get over it. But don’t you find it reassuring, that one constellation glowing? My darling boy, it won’t snow where she is going.”

I can’t change that for you - I can’t change anything at all.

This album has pretty much gotten me through the past two weeks

I swoon, upon my knees come crashing. Will you bury me? Today this small favor I’m asking: hold me. You may drop me tomorrow. For a change, I’ll refrain from hiding all of me from you. Pray for rain, lose your name, and watch all your dreams fall through. Here’s my lullaby: hush now, don’t you cry.

If we sleep together, will you like me better? If we come together, we’ll go down forever.

These emotions can’t be mine…I don’t want to feel again. Fill the void just one more time - this will all be over soon. I’ve begun to hear the siren song again, dreaming in a pretty shade of nothingness. Transcendental melodies putting me to sleep, and I pray the lord my soul to keep.

I watched a change in you - it’s like you never had wings…

Even though I know what I’m lookin’ for, she’s got a brick wall behind her door. I’d travel time and confess to her but I’m afraid she’d shoot the messenger. Surrender every word, every thought, every sound. Surrender every touch, every smile, every frown. Surrender all the pain we’ve endured until now. Surrender - all the hope that I lost, you have found. Surrender yourself to me.

This song makes me want to fuck shit up.

all the fuckin’ feels…

fucking FLAILING right now, finding this just made my entire day